• Background

RIGEL is a multi-disciplinary consultancy that delivers outcomes to clients in the public and private sectors. We discreetly address and resolve issues of critical and strategic importance affecting governments, commerce and society. We provide private channels for communication between governments and businesses, advice on strategies to find solutions, and capability to implement, deliver progress and achieve results.

We are a key private sector resource for governments and corporations seeking solutions to intractable, ongoing, or immediate problems. We provide specialist skills, access, and influence to address matters that arise at the intersection of business, politics, and government, between government and society and in the realm of international relations. Whether it is a matter of creating new or fixing old relationships, facilitating bilateral or multilateral dialogue and negotiations, a potential opportunity to be taken forward, or a crisis to be navigated or resolved, RIGEL has a bespoke, effective, discreet, and efficient team to drive solutions for our clients.

RIGEL uses its networks to determine what a client is doing right or wrong in a given situation, policy, business operation or country. We access and assess third party perceptions - those of governments, the international community and its institutions, civil society, competitors as well as local and international public opinion - of a client or its activities so as to strategize and implement a corrective course of action to achieve a beneficial outcome. Our unique fusion of government and private sector access, knowledge, and experience allows us to navigate territory and deliver effects in ways that complement and unlock the full capabilities and potential of governments and corporations.

  • Broad perspective

RIGEL operates discreetly at the highest levels, making use of direct access to leaders, their advisors, key influencers, decision makers and validators. We have strong relationships with governments, the international community, the media and within the private sector in areas of value to our clients.

Our multi-disciplinary experience and know-how adds invaluable capability and capacity, increases efficiency, and creates cost savings for our clients. Our holistic approach is a necessity for any client seeking solutions in complex and opaque environments, where single strand activity risks building costs without obtaining durable solutions.

It is difficult for any state or corporation, however large or powerful they may be, to retain or have direct access to each and every specialist skill set that may be needed at any given time. RIGEL is a single vehicle that delivers capability to fill such gaps. We do this by retaining in-house, management and specialist core skills within our areas of practice and supplementing our capacity through a trusted and dedicated global consultant network including some of the most respected international professionals and practitioners in the world today.

  • Multi-disciplinary expertise

RIGEL’s principals, senior team members and consultant network have backgrounds in:
  • International diplomacy and international affairs
  • Foreign and domestic policy
  • Overseas business and inward investment
  • State building and development
  • Intelligence and security
  • Counter terrorism and counter violent extremism
  • Research and investigations
  • Civil society engagement
  • International and domestic law and justice
  • Conflict and dispute resolution
  • Good governance, best practice, transparency and anti-corruption
  • Asset-tracing and recovery
  • Risk, crisis and reputation management
  • Media, strategic communications and PR
  • Campaigning and lobbying (political and civil society)
  • Project management, research, design and implementation.
  • Commercial diplomacy

For companies facing the challenges of engaging in overseas markets, emerging markets, and complex, opaque, and high-risk environments, RIGEL provides a reliable bridge into the political and business culture of the country and a discreet and trusted channel to key government, business, and civil society figures within it, within the region and amongst relevant international stakeholders.

We provide pathfinder services for clients seeking to understand and enter new markets, identify areas of risk and opportunity, find reliable, trustworthy interlocutors and local partners, third party endorsers and, develop effective engagement with the host government.

We help to manage exposure and protect the position of companies facing difficulties in the markets where they are invested. When problems arise, we use our access to discover what a company is doing wrong in-country and what it needs to do to put things right. We identify the issues of which the company may not be aware, including the activities of hostile competitors or those seeking to take advantage at the company’s expense. Our team can quickly garner and analyse perceptions of a client within a given country (whether within the government, business circles or public opinion) and strategize and implement initiatives and communications plans to correct, balance or change perceptions.

We utilise our know-how and leverage our experience, reputation, and relationships to strengthen our clients’ positions and drive solutions to their problems and issues. RIGEL has provided research, advice, strategy and has implemented solutions for international companies in the following areas:
  • Private legal counsel
  • Project solutions
  • Reputation and media management
  • Intelligence, investigations and research
  • Risk and crisis management
  • Gateway business entry
  • In-country relationship building (private diplomacy, government, business, and civil society)
  • Lobbying
  • Inward investment
  • Social reinvestment schemes
  • Dispute resolution and litigation (dialogue, arbitration, and mediation)
  • Legal advice and representation
  • In-country initiatives (implementation and management)
  • Fin-tech solutions
  • Strategic communications and PR.
  • Private diplomacy

Whether or not a state is large and powerful, there is always the need for a government to have trusted intermediaries to bridge, build or test an existing, alternative, or new relationship with another state, a government sector, an international institution, a global corporation, or indeed with international public opinion. We help governments to identify and develop best practice activities designed to improve their performance and strengthen ties with international partners. We provide advice and support to reduce tension, resolve difficulties and build closer relations with the key players in regional and international arenas.

RIGEL has the skills, experience, and access to discreetly or openly test and build relationships to help state clients achieve their strategic objectives in the world community. We are very effective as a client state’s trusted intermediaries to foreign entities to test relationships, ferment ideas, and obtain reactions to proposed policies and initiatives. We can act as a discreet channel for dialogue between governments in conflict and between governments and other parties wishing to explore and develop contact with the aim of resolving disputes and achieving accord.

We assist state clients to navigate around the international community, events, media, and foreign governments’ corridors of power. RIGEL has very strong, deep-rooted political, commercial, and civil society relationships in the UK, USA, EU, Africa, and the Middle East. We have long standing and close ties to senior current and former representatives of HMG, USG, the UN, and AU. We can ensure that a state client not only engages with the key figurehead in a given state, but also with their principal advisers and influencers. In parallel, fully supported communications strategies and PR plans can be organised including:
  • Foreign policy & international relations (policy, strategy & implementation)
  • Overseas relationship building (governments, institutions, sectors, civil society)
  • Dialogue (discreet & open platforms)
  • Lobbying (overseas governments & international institutions)
  • Strategic communications and PR.
  • Government outsourcing

RIGEL is a provider of specialist in-house skill and international experience outsourcing for governments. We provide help for ad hoc, stand-alone, and long-term projects.

No government, particularly in times of budget restraints, can maintain the permanent cost of discrete issue expertise on all the matters it may need from time to time. RIGEL enables a prudent government to focus its budget on its core needs and outsource the more infrequent specialist work as and when required.

RIGEL delivers direct project solutions to governments but also identifies and coordinates the expertise required to meet long term needs for training and capacity building.

RIGEL and its consultant network provide advanced capability and capacity to governments in the following practice areas:
  • Commercial diplomacy (inward investment, dispute resolution, mediation, and litigation)
  • Private legal counsel
  • Risk and crisis management
  • Project solutions
  • Reputation and media management
  • Investigations and research
  • Legal advice and representation
  • Campaigns (political and civil society)
  • Policy (domestic and foreign) strategy, audit, and review (framework, drafting, implementation)
  • National security and intelligence advisory
  • Counter terrorism and counter violent extremism
  • Public order and rule of law
  • Good governance, best practice and transparency
  • Anti-corruption
  • Asset recovery
  • Task force/think tank (creation/management).
  • Private legal counsel*

RIGEL provides clients with advice on ensuring the very best bespoke legal team is allocated to a given matter. Our legal management over a diverse or multi-jurisdictional legal team can streamline and better focus (in line with business realities or geopolitical issues) legal advice and action, coordinate the legal action with parallel initiatives (such as investigations, dialogue, and PR), manage legal budgets and audit legal timekeeping and make the legal process more cost efficient.

RIGEL co-owns its own independent and regulated law firm in the UK. The law firm has an impeccable international and UK reputation (comprising of leading experts in their areas of legal practice) and can be utilised and privately instructed by clients. Our law firm, along with RIGEL’s in-house and consultant network of legal experts, can directly provide a client with the very best legal advice and representation it requires within the following areas of expertise:
  • Advice and representation
  • Civil and commercial mediation, arbitration, and litigation
  • Criminal prosecution/defence (domestic and international)
  • International law
  • Reputation and media management (defamation and privacy)
  • Human rights (compliance audits and advisory)
  • Transitional justice
  • Rule of law
  • Conflict resolution
  • Asset recovery
  • Compliance and reform.

* In conjunction with our regulated independent law firm McCue Jury & Partners LLP.
  • Project solutions (stand-alone initiatives)

RIGEL is adept at creating, implementing, and managing a wide variety of corporate or government initiatives. We can provide and set up international experts to deliver think tank solutions to problems or formulate initiatives to support policy. We provide task force services to implement and manage initiatives. Our consultant network enables RIGEL to achieve solutions through the provision of bespoke specialisms, know how, reputations, relationships, and experience.

RIGEL’s sister ‘not for profit’ entity, EBRO GLOBAL, can also be utilised for peace building, humanitarian, victims and human rights campaigning and philanthropic initiatives including:
  • Legacy projects
  • Political campaigns (campaigning, polling, and monitoring)
  • Humanitarian issues
  • Philanthropy
  • Campaign fundraising
  • Think tanks
  • Task forces
  • Asset recovery
  • HR audits
  • Monitoring
  • Civil society consultation and outreach
  • Private and public inquiries
  • Social reinvestment schemes
  • HR and victim campaigns
  • Lawfare.
  • Reputation and media management

RIGEL helps clients to protect and enhance their reputations. Our team has broad and diverse expertise and experience in the strategic communication, PR, media, and reputation management sectors.

In isolation, PR provides a fig leaf to cover an underlying issue but fails to resolve the issue and creates negative publicity for both clients and their PR agents when the truth emerges. We believe in working with our clients to solve the underlying problems through taking actives steps to make tangible and positive progress. By using private diplomacy, better understanding, dialogue, events, initiatives, and reforms we enable and deliver results-based, effective and positive PR, and targeted advocacy on the key influencers and validators.

Whether it is a reputational problem or need for key stakeholders to better understand a client, RIGEL’s in-house and consultant network of leading international experts with global communications and media reach can provide and drive solutions including:
  • Strategic communications
  • Media management
  • Speech writing
  • Messaging
  • PR
  • Campaigns
  • Legal protection
  • Articles (drafting and placement)
  • Events.
  • Intelligence, investigations and research

RIGEL’s core team has former senior intelligence and investigative experience and expertise and we are regularly called upon by governments and corporates to provide advice, support and services including:
  • State and corporate outsourcing/support
  • Intelligence Policy: audits, reviews and recommendations
  • Intelligence training
  • Specialist investigations
  • Public and private inquiries
  • Asset-tracing and recovery
  • Due diligence
  • Litigation support.

RIGEL’s consultant network includes global expertise and experience from national intelligence, security, and police services as well as lawyers, academics, former journalists, and experts in community engagement. Our holistic approach enables a broader and deeper targeting of information and a better understanding and appreciation of its value, use and ways to disseminate it. We provide specialist investigative skills (including legal, forensic, accounting, cyber, asset tracing etc) to furnish evidence or information to improve or drive decision-making, policy, public opinion, litigation, or Inquiries.
  • Risk and crisis management

RIGEL can help a client analyse risk and potential foreseeable problems as well as create policy, procedure, and actions to mitigate against harm. We are often approached by new clients to parachute into an emerging or developing crisis of one form or another.

We provide innovative solutions to crisis and risk management and equip a client with preventative and protective measures to manage and mitigate potential damage. Our risk audits, based on best practice and legal compliance, provide credible and independent assessments that allow clients to protect themselves against threats to their reputation and the risk of legal action.

Our team’s members have dealt with a wide variety of risk scenarios and crises including armed conflicts, coups d’état, terrorism, natural disasters, environmental disasters, business interruptions, asset seizure, sanctions, detentions overseas, kidnappings and ransoms, litigation, media, and whistle-blowers.

RIGEL and its consultant network can mobilise immediately to help clients address evolving crises using appropriate expertise including:
  • Risk audits and assessments
  • Task force crisis management
  • Crisis centres
  • Commercial diplomacy
  • Private diplomacy
  • Government outsourcing
  • Private legal counsel
  • Project solutions
  • Reputation and media management
  • Intelligence, investigations and research.
  • Management team

RIGEL has a core team of distinguished, highly skilled, respected, and experienced individuals from professional, practitioner and former government backgrounds which has worked successfully in creating and driving solutions for clients in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, and Asia.

Our management team is supported by an administrative hub that co-ordinates projects and project teams. Project teams are comprised of in-house and consultant network expertise (not all our consultant network is publicly listed on the website) and supplemented by trusted additional capability when required.

Philip Boulton is a former senior British official who has acted as an adviser to governments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on strategic issues. In 2015 Philip co-founded RIGEL Corporation Ltd, to assist governments in emerging markets to engage with international commercial partners to meet their strategic investment needs. Through RIGEL, Philip also acts as an adviser to a number of corporates in the extractives, energy and commodities sectors, to help them achieve their goals in Africa and the Middle East. 

Jason McCue is a well-known international lawyer (human rights, litigation (civil and commercial), criminal defence, and transitional justice) and an internationally accomplished and respected strategic advisor on peace-making, conflict resolution, counter terrorism, transitional government, justice, and state building. His career has been focused on advising world leaders, governments, corporates, NGOs, and on supporting campaigns and political movements predominantly across the EU (Inc. former eastern bloc states), Africa, and Middle East. He is Senior Managing Partner of McCue Jury & Partners LLP. Jason is co-founder of RIGEL Corporation Ltd. He was awarded UK Lawyer of the Year in 2010 for his achievements in the human rights sector and peacebuilding work in Africa.

Matthew Jury is an expert in public international law, domestic and international human rights law, litigation (counter-terrorism and multi-jurisdictional), and campaign management. Matthew is a Ministry of Defence panel solicitor, a former Foreign and Commonwealth Office Consultant, and a previous nominee for the Law Society of England and Wales’ Solicitor of the Year and Junior Solicitor of the Year. His clients include victims of terrorism (representing them in a number of ground-breaking civil prosecutions against the perpetrators, supporters and financiers of global terrorism, including the IRA, HAMAS and Muammar Gaddafi); families of British soldiers killed in the Second Iraq War (Matthew litigated on their behalf against the Iraq Inquiry to secure a timely publication of the Chilcot Report); British Army veterans (in inquests and other matters); state governments (advising on counter-terrorism and human rights issues) and victims of international abuse of the INTERPOL Red Notice system (Matthew has represented a number of clients in quashing international warrants circulated to target political opponents and for improper purposes).

Matthew formerly represented death-row inmates in Virginia and South Carolina, US, and has advised and represented a number of political prisoners and UK citizens detained overseas in circumstances absent of due process and/or in breach of international standards of detention and human rights in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He is a regular commentator for newspapers, radio and TV.

RIGEL’S consultant network are independent consultants and consultancies that have an affiliation with RIGEL. Some members of our consultant network are unable to be named publicly on the website for reasons of confidentiality and security but we can share their biographies privately where appropriate.

  • Consultant organisations

McCue & Partners LLP is a boutique specialist international law firm that is internationally acknowledged as a leading law firm in human rights, litigation, criminal defence and prosecution, transitional justice, and reputation management. The media has dubbed the firm as “The Enforcers” and as “Someone to Watch Over Us”. The firm is one of the UK’s most highly recommended (Legal 500 and Chambers Directories) law firms, including lawyers that are acknowledged as leaders in their fields. This enables RIGEL to be in the unique position of providing clients with on demand legal advice or direct formal representation through the law firm. See www.mccue-law.com.

EBRO Global is a not for profit organization established in response to the growing need for communities, states, and international actors - in an increasingly unstable world - to have access to rapidly-deployable independent and highly specialist advice and support. We manage and provide specialist capability, on an ad hoc basis to provide flexible, effective, and efficient solutions to the highest international standards.

EBRO provides access to a multi-disciplinary network of international experts in:
• Political and international diplomacy (relationship building, dialogue, foreign relations)
• Law (rule of law, constitutional, human rights, criminal and international law, litigation, and transitional justice)
• Conflict and crisis management (mediation, dialogue, truth & reconciliation)
• Best practice and good governance (anti-corruption and asset recovery)
• Strategic communications
• Campaigning (political, humanitarian and victims).

EBRO delivers solutions that promote social, economic, and political stability. We offer durable solutions to pressing international and domestic challenges through the provision of experienced advice, representation, diplomacy, and mediation.

EBRO’s services are tailored for communities, states, government bodies, and inter-governmental institutions. We also offer certain services to NGOs and multi-national corporations operating in complex political environments. EBRO acts as a focal point for campaigning and action on behalf of victims, whether private individuals, organisations, or states.

EBRO assists clients to define the challenges they are facing and assembles teams of experts to devise and deliver comprehensive strategies for addressing them. EBRO’s role is primarily advisory. However, our teams will also implement, manage, and/ or monitor the strategies we propose. Please see www.ebroglobal.com

Fields PLLC is a USA law firm with offices in Atlanta and Washington, has established relationships with world-class litigation teams, leading consulting firms and specialists. It can field a first-rate multi-disciplinary team to recover claims for states, sovereign Indian tribes, corporations and individuals. Our consultants have
unique practices in identifying litigation opportunities in antitrust, insurance and other related fields; developing settlement models; and managing large data analytics projects.

Blue Star Strategies (BSS) LLC is a dynamic, interdisciplinary strategic consulting, public affairs, and government relations firm based in Washington, DC with offices in Europe and Latin America. Blue Star Strategies SAS expands the firm's work in Europe, serving clients in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium.

Their principals, who previously served at the highest levels of the U.S. government in the White House, Department of Commerce, Department of State, Congress, as well as in the private sector and labour institutions, provide full and personalized attention to clients for the duration of a project. They lead a team with decades of experience working with, government, business, labour, multilateral and public policy institutions, think tanks, non-profit advocacy organizations, and the media and are focused on achieving concrete results and success for clients.

  • Advisers and consultants

International and political affairs advisers

Mohammed Yonis is a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. He was Minister for Foreign Affairs for Somaliland from 2013 to 2015 and is a seasoned diplomat with over 40 years’ experience in international development and conflict management. He is a former Director and Adviser to the President of the African Development Bank and, from 2009 to 2013, he worked as Deputy Joint Special Representative of UNAMID in Darfur, coordinating efforts between the UN, the African Union and the Government of Sudan. Amongst other roles, it was his responsibility to conduct hostage negotiations. Mr. Yonis was the Foreign Minister of Somaliland for over two years until October 2015. While in that capacity, he co-hosted the first Investment Conference for Somaliland with the UK Government in London; led a high-level delegation to the first Somaliland Conference at the European Union Parliament in Brussels in January 2015; and participated as an observer at the African Development Bank’s Annual Meetings in May 2015.

Mr. Yonis holds an MPA from Harvard University where he was a Mason Fellow, and a BA in Political Science and Business Management from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He also holds diplomas in conflict resolution and in education obtained in Canada, Somalia and Germany. He is an expert on public policy, particularly, in relation to governance, management and peace building in Africa. He speaks fluent English and Arabic.

Cofer Black is a former CIA official who was appointed Ambassador-at-large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism by President George W. Bush and led the Office of Counterterrorism in the U.S. State Department. Previously he served in the Directorate of Operations at the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) and as Director of the CIA's Counterterrorist Center (CTC). Cofer is an internationally recognized authority on counterterrorism, cyber security, national security, and foreign affairs.

In recent years, Cofer has provided strategic guidance, business development, and high-level consulting to leading global companies, corporate support to US Government and international customers and is currently on the board of several companies including the Baltic International Bank.

Sir Ronald Flanagan GBE, QPM was Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and its predecessor the Royal Ulster Constabulary. He was subsequently appointed as the Home Office Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Since leaving the UK police force, he became the strategic advisor to the Abu Dhabi police force and chairman of the international cricket council’s anti-corruption and security unit.

International and political affairs consultants

Jasmine Zerinini is a former French diplomat, with recognised expertise on South Asia and a background in human and hard security issues. She served as Director for South Asia and Afghanistan in the Quai d’Orsay between 2008 and 2011. She also acted as French Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. In this capacity, she was responsible for reconstruction and civilian assistance to Afghanistan and Pakistan. She has held policy-level positions in the French Ministry of Defence and the Prime Minister’s Office in relation to security, the coordination of intelligence, and Asian affairs, during which she helped develop institutional relationships between France and countries in Asia and Oceania in the security field. She is a member of the Bar in London and an accredited mediator with the ADR group. She is a Trustee of Inter-Mediate, a charity dedicated to mediation and conflict-resolution, and a member of the Council of Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs). She speaks English, French, Spanish, Hindi, and German.

Justin Marozzi is a political and strategic communications advisor, journalist, author, and broadcaster with extensive experience in international project management and a proven track record of working with senior political leadership at Head of State level and across international governments, UN agencies, European Union, African Union, and NATO. Highly experienced in conflict and post-conflict environments, with many years working in the Middle East and Arab word, he is also a professional communicator with the highest academic qualifications and a proven ability to achieve outstanding results in the most testing situations.

He is a member of the UK government Stabilisation Unit’s Deployable Civilian Experts in Strategic Communications, with UK government / NATO security clearance. He is also a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Policy Institute at King’s College London and a Senior Research Fellow at Buckingham University’s Humanities Research Institute. He was a Trustee of the Royal Geographical Society 2011-2014.

He has extensive experience as a political and strategic communications advisor to: The Office of the Prime Minister of Libya; NATO (Norway) and Allied Rapid Reaction Corps; Strategic Communications Evaluation, UN, Geneva; Senior Communications Advisor to the President and Prime Minister of Somalia; Senior Communications Advisor to Director of UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit; Director of Government Relations, Aegis, Iraq; Senior Advisor, Albany Associates.

He is a writer, historian and journalist and regularly contributes to national and international publications and broadcasters, including BBC, FT, Newsweek, Spectator, Times, Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, Evening Standard. He was a former contributing editor to The Spectator.

Strategic communications consultants

Rupert Wright is a strategic communications counsellor who has advised numerous governments and in particular those in the gulf states and the Caribbean. Before Ashbright, he was Middle East Chairman of Edelman, the world’s largest public relations company. He has worked with Shell, ADCB, General Electric and Mubadala, a sovereign wealth fund, among others. He has run media training courses for government and corporate clients including Shell, BlackBerry and Etihad Airways.

He began his career in London at Euromoney in the 1990s, reporting from emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, Poland and Indonesia. In 1996 he joined The European under the editorship of Andrew Neill, where he was business and finance editor. In 2000 he consulted for the World Bank, developing its Water Media Network, as well as LTP Trade and Deutsche Bank in London. He has written books on water and the Languedoc. He has also written for most of the world’s major newspapers including the Financial Times, Washington Post, The Times and Wall Street Journal. He was instrumental in the start-up of the National newspaper in Abu Dhabi in 2008, where he was business comment editor.

Toby Burnham is an expert in global communications with a demonstrated depth of experience working successfully in public relations across multiple sectors and different continents. He is skilled in crisis management and building campaign narratives through strategic communications, corporate social responsibility aspects, event management and worldwide media relations.

Toby’s twenty years’ experience at running global news events along with an in-depth working knowledge of the technologies and architecture of modern news coverage, allows him to design, build, and run campaigns or crisis management very effectively.

While adept on any continent, Toby has focussed much of his work across Africa, working in Sudan, Republic of South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco and Libya; and the Middle East (UAE, Qatar). Added to that is a record of significant high-level consultancy work in a range of global sectors, such as health and development (World Health Organisation, RED, Malaria No More, The Global Fund, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), energy (National Oil Corporation of Libya), sport and entertainment; creating a rare mix of connectivity and knowledge of many types of content and story-building across the world.

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